Looking for an Innovative Concrete Contractor Near You?

Then make sure you give us a call. We're not an ordinary concrete contractor. We specialize in custom concrete designs for your backyard or patio using a new, proprietary process that allows us to shape concrete into almost any shape or texture you can imagine. Retaining walls, concrete patios, water features, even custom artwork... this patented, new technology lets us use good, old concrete to deliver amazing results. Of course, you can still rely on us for simple concrete projects.

Some of Our Concrete Designs

Waterfalls & Water Features

We can create stunning waterfalls and water features of any shape and size that capture the look and feel of natural settings. See our photo gallery for examples of stunning water features we've completed. We can custom design a unique look for your pool, garden or pond or build something completely new. The possibilities are truly endless!

Outdoor Kitchens

Have you dreamed of adding a custom kitchen to your backyard for fabulous entertainment possibilities? We can design unique backyard kitchens that mimic the look and feel of natural stone, flagstone, brick, rock or other natural materials. Whether you'd like a custom grill surround, a custom fireplace or fire pit or want to add a durable and spacious concrete countertop, when you hire us as your concrete contractor we can build your custom outdoor kitchen for a fraction of the cost of using traditional materials!

See examples of some outdoor kitchens we've built to spur your imagination!

Patios / Walkways / Paths

Imagine a custom patio, a winding path through your garden or a custom walkway that leads visitors around your property in style. We can make all of these options reality with the beauty and flexibility of custom concrete. Imagine the possibilities with a look at our photo gallery...

Retaining Walls

We can build beautiful retaining walls that not only provide structural support or privacy, but rich, enduring beauty as well! Whether you'd love the look of a natural stone, brick or flagstone wall or have something completely different in mind, we can make your dream a reality! See some examples here.

Custom Concrete Artwork

Our custom concrete process can be used to produce stunning outdoor sculptures that will stand the test of time including trees, benches and much, much more. Our experienced craftsmen are happy to work with you to design just about you can envision. There aren't many concrete contractors that can make that claim! See some of our custom artwork here.

Want to learn more about custom concrete design?
Talk to us about your ideas. As a concrete contractor near you in Ephrata, PA, we can use our innovative process to bring your vision to life and for less than using natural materials. Contact us today to get started.