Trust Our Stone Veneer Installers Near You in Lancaster & West Chester, PA

We know that you have a vision of how you want your home to look. Beautiful natural stone on your exterior walls portrays elegance and grace. A stone fireplace as the focal point in your living room or a stone retaining wall in the backyard signifies sophistication. Yet, you haven't made this vision a reality because natural stone is expensive, heavy, and difficult to install.

At JT Masonry, we can help you achieve this sophisticated look through stone veneers. We offer various designs to look like natural stone or brick, allowing you to finally achieve the vision for your home without breaking the bank—or your back. Before searching for "stone veneer installers near me" on the internet, find out why you should trust the experts at JT Masonry with your stone veneer projects.

How We Install Stone Veneer to Create Your Dream Home

The expert craftsman at JT Masonry will work with you every step of the way to create a stunning stone veneer project inside or outside your home. We strive to provide the best possible products and services to you, meaning your home improvement project will stay on time and budget.

As an experienced stone veneer contractor, JT Masonry will install your beautiful stone veneer in five easy steps:

  1. We'll place a water-resistant barrier to protect your home from water damage.
  2. Next, a layer of self-furring galvanized lath will help support the mortar that holds the stone veneer in place.
  3. Our craftsmen apply a layer of mortar scratch coat to provide a stable, firm surface for installing the natural stone.
  4. A mortar setting bed allows the stone veneer to attach to the scratch coat.
  5. Finally, the stone veneer pieces are installed, starting at the corners first and working our way down from the top.

When finished, you have a gorgeous stone decorative detail that is inexpensive, lightweight, easy to maintain, and matches the vision you've always wanted for your home.


home exterior stone veneer

Home Exterior Stone Veneer

Ready to get rid of that ugly vinyl or aluminum exterior on your home? JT Masonry can install stone veneer on the entire surface of your home, or just part of it for a beautiful look you love! If you want just a portion of your exterior walls to look like natural stone, consider installing the textured beauty of stucco for other areas. JT Masonry can help with it too! Just contact us for a free estimate!

fireplace veneer

Fireplace & Chimney Veneer

If you always loved the look of natural stone around your fireplace but never upgraded your existing fireplace surround due to the cost of real stone, consider stone veneer instead. We can help you design and install the fireplace surround you have always wanted for less than the cost of using natural stone. Whether your fireplace is inside or outside, JT Masonry is skilled and ready to create that perfect vision.

poolside waterfall

Hardscaping Using Stone Veneers

When you want your yard to feel like a tranquil oasis, consider a water feature with stone veneer. Instead of searching for "stone veneer installers near me," trust the experts at JT Masonry to install your natural stone veneer hardscape features. We can also install stone veneer on your patio, poolside, or in your outdoor kitchen. Check out some of the stunning hardscaping projects by JT Masonry in our online gallery!

retaining wall veneer

Retaining Wall Veneers

Retaining walls are a beautiful addition to any outdoor space. They can divide outdoor rooms, provide seating, and serve as a path surrounding your backyard retreat. When you choose stone veneer from JT Masonry, we can ensure a timeless look of sophistication to elevate your backyard from ordinary to extraordinary. Our experts will help you with the design and installation to bring your vision to life.

stone veneer wall

Custom Stone Veneer Work

Have an idea for something not listed here? Just contact us! JT Masonry specializes in custom projects using only the finest materials available. We are happy to work with you on just about any design you can imagine. When you trust JT Masonry as your stone veneer contractor, you not only get expertise and value, but you also get a company that genuinely cares about bringing your vision to life. Our goal is to exceed your expectations from the first time you contact us to the finished project.


Ready to Talk to Our Stone Veneer Installers Near You?

It's time to end your frustration with how your home looks. You deserve the home you have always wanted. Stop searching for another "stone veneer installer near me," and trust JT Masonry to exceed the vision you have for your home. Whether the project is inside or outside, JT Masonry has the knowledge, skills, and service to get the job done on time, on budget, and safely.

Our professionals can take your lackluster home and turn it into one of beauty and sophistication. Get started by contacting us for a free estimate and see the difference JT Masonry can make for your home!